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Meet Writing Assistant from Agorapulse!
Enhance your content to boost your engagement and reach on social media. Enter your initial copy, apply a filter, and let the AI improve it for you.

a view of various elements of Writing Assistant tool
a view of various elements of Writing Assistant tool

Work smarter, faster—unleash your potential


Enhance your writing skills

Enhance your writing skills

Use Writing Assistant to write like a professional. Add the perfect "filter" to your text, just like you do with your Instagram photos. Stunning!


Test different approaches to your audience

Test different approaches to your audience

With Writing Assistant's help, you can confidently create content that resonates with your audience, no matter the tone or message you're aiming for.


Get more engagement with attractive posts

Get more engagement with attractive posts

By publishing captivating, funny, or inspirational content, you will be looking for more impressions and engagement.

Equip yourself with an AI assistant that never runs out of creative ideas

Spice up your content
with a click of a button

Simply write your content the way you always do. Then ask Writing Assistant to help you transform it into engaging content that drives engagement and inspires action.

a view showing composing a post for Writing Assistant

Fine-tune your content
to stay on point

Choose the tone you want to apply to your content and adjust the formatting. From engaging to funny, pick one from many of our tones to create compelling content. Fine-tune the length of your content to adjust the standards of each social media platform.

a view showing how to fine-tune content with tones in Writing Assistant

Easily schedule your improved content

Once you’re happy with your masterpiece, send it to the Publishing composer. Use the powerful publishing options to schedule your content across all major platforms.

a view showing the result of Writing Assistant improving a copy

Create eye-catching graphics with Canva's AI image generator

Transform your text into stunning graphics in seconds using Canva’s AI image generator. Then easily add your visuals from Canva to your posts.

a view showing the Canva integration

What people think about Writing Assistant

"The enhanced AI writing and monthly reporting features are just some of the many things that make Agorapulse stand out from other social media management tools. Alternatives considered were Hootsuite however advanced features like enhanced AI and automated reporting made us decide on Agorapulse."

Ivan Trejo, Stream Companies

"We are loving it! With so many clients and so much content going out, it is nice to go in with a basic idea and have it jazzed up! We had previously utilized Rytr, ChatGPT, and even Canva's new AI writing tools but having it in the platform has been great."

Brigid Ayer, ArachnidWorks
a view showing Agorapulse companion app and Writing Assistant capability

AI-powered writing
in your pocket

Never miss an opportunity.
Elevate your writing game on the go
with Writing Assistant.