New Navigation, Instagram Video Updates

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 1. New left navigation and side panel. We’ve changed the navigation throughout the app to get ready for upcoming big changes that users have requested. The navigation is in beta, and the response has been amazing. Here is a brief rundown of the changes if you’d like to try them early. The main features of [...]

Instagram Story Reports and Revamped Calendar (v8.35)

🎁 FEATURES🎁 New metrics on Instagram reports (including Stories). We’ve added metrics to our Instagram Web and downloadable reports—including impressions and statistics for Stories— that customers have been asking for. You now have three tabs for Instagram reports: Global, Posts, and Stories. Let’s learn what’s new in each of these tabs — one of which is completely [...]

Update: Facebook Reactions Display and LinkedIn Comment Mentions (v8.30)

🎁 FEATURES🎁 Display of each Facebook reaction on comments and posts. We now display the breakdown of Facebook reactions received on posts and comments. (Prior to this, we only listed “Likes.”) A great way to determine sentiment on each of your Facebook posts. Please note: This is a read-only feature. At this time, you cannot [...]

LinkedIn Targeting and Publishing Calendar Options (v8.24)

 🎁FEATURES🎁 ➡LinkedIn targeting. Use language and country targeting on your next LinkedIn company page post to focus on a specific audience. ➡ LinkedIn tagging of personal profile usernames. Your company pages or personal profiles can now tag the usernames of personal profiles. You can use this feature on LinkedIn if the user you want to tag has: previously [...]

Saved Hashtag Groups and Post Geolocation (v8.20)

🎁 FEATURES  🎁 Saved hashtag groups. With saved hashtag groups, you can easily save and reuse popular hashtags for your social media posts. Saved hashtag groups are shared across all profiles in your Organization, so they can be used on any social media network. These saved hashtags can be used, edited and/or deleted by any user [...]

More LinkedIn and Instagram Publishing Options (v8.18)

 🎁 FEATURES 🎁 LinkedIn multiple photo publishing. You can now publish up to 10 photos per post to your LinkedIn profile or customer page. A few qualifications to be mindful of: Each image must be either a .PNG or .JPG Each image must be under 5MB The ideal aspect ratio is 1200 x 627 Go here to get more details [...]

Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 Instagram user tagging. It is now possible to tag users in your Instagram image posts! Once you upload your photo, simply click on the image and type the usernames of the public profiles you want to tag. You may tag up to 20 users per post.   Three things to keep in mind [...]

Instagram Video Publishing and Easier to Use Settings (v8.9)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 Instagram video publishing. You can now publish, schedule, or queue video to your Instagram feed through Agorapulse. The feature is available only if you have direct publishing enabled — so double check your settings to see if you’re set up properly. Once you’re set with direct publishing enabled, be sure that your videos are: in [...]

Instagram Management and Subscription Organization Changes (v8.0)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 Instagram API Deprecation. Instagram now requires all third-party tools (like Agorapulse) to use the Facebook Graph API instead of the old, now deprecated Instagram API. Here’s what it means to you and your Agorapulse subscription: 1. Agorapulse supports only Instagram business profiles. The platform no longer supports Instagram personal profiles. Not only can no new Instagram personal profiles [...]

Schedule Instagram Stories, Native LinkedIn Video, and More (v7.75)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 Ability to publish or schedule Instagram Stories. Want to publish Instagram Stories using Agorapulse? Now you can! Here’s how to do this on your business profiles. First, make sure you’ve installed the Agorapulse mobile app on either your iOS or Android device. Then, go to the settings for your business profile on the desktop version of Agorapulse. [...]